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This is Me! Raw and Real, no sugar coating, just the real me. The very unperfect me. I cry, smile, and then do it all over again. I care about little ones without homes, I care about little ones who appear to have it all, and I care most about my family, who need me, and the ones who don't.

A weblog is an online journal. It's a place for me to share news, views, experiences, photos...whatever occurs to me. You'll find my opinions on a variety of topics as well as links to other things on the web that I find interesting. When the spirit moves me, I may also include longer essays on topics.

I'll make changes to this site on a regular basis, so you should check back often.

Febuary 3, 2003
Hi, I have been very busy keeping kids in school. Just all busy with kids these days. Trying to keep mom warm, her furnace went out and Jim can't fix it. It is difficult to travel that far to get it fixed. It is middle of the night and here I am. Roy has a way of waking up a sleeping body. Well just checking in to drop myself a little note, better try and get some more sleep in.
Had a dream about two nights ago about seeing a couple of ladies and this weird white blank person. One of the ladies looked at me and said "she can hear us", then this blob said something such as "this is the first time that has ever happened", it seems that I was about to kiss this ugle white face. It looked like the abdominal snowman. Yesterday the Columbia space shuttle went down as it flew over Texas while trying to pull its tires down in order to land in Florida. Contaminated parts fell in Texas, Louisianna, Arkansa, and Oklahoma. 



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<p>My daughter Valerie and two grandbabies Austin and Jon Jon became angels on November 9th, 2001 from a fire that took their lives while they slept.



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