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Log week of Feb 4/2003
Daily Log Page for 1/1
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If I decide to keep a daily log, I'll create a new page like this one for each new day. I'll make sure to change the title and update the "most recent posting" link on the home page each time.

Long Days at Home...
Spending alot of time at home with u no who. Anyway, was hoping that would come to an end, guess not. Home school is not what it is cut out to be. Child hit Roy in mouth today, he was a little upset and ready to move the child OUT. Don't blame him, I think I'm getting sick of the crazy child, 24-7 kid.

What will I write about on my weblog? A wide variety of things. There could be postings about my reactions to a movie or TV show I saw. I might weigh in with my opinion of a presidential election or a world event. Or I might recommend a restaurant I've gone to, and include detailed directions or a map to it.

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We hope to update this page often with new photos.