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Our Gaurdian Angels


Just like a beautiful long stemmed rose,
Her precious memory grows and grows.
Touching the hearts of all of those she loves,
And like the fragrance of that same rose,
Her love so sweet still flows and flows,
Filling our lives with a warmth,
that shows she's there,
So, like a forever-blooming rose,
The beauty she shared eternally glows,
For deep in our hearts,
Each of us knows....
She lives!!
(Author Unknown)

Vals Kids
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Valerie, mother and daugher. taken from us with two of her children, Austin and Jonathon.
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http://mygirl46.tripod.com/valeriesmemorial.index.html/id16.html Our Children

http://mygirl46.tripod.com/valeriesmemorial.index.html/id13.html Watch Over My Angels

http://mygirl46.tripod.com/valeriesmemorial.index.html/id14.html Valerie & Jason

http://mygirl46.tripod.com/valeriesmemorial.index.html/id15.html My Child My World

http://mygirl46.tripod.com/valeriesmemorial.index.html/id11.html Found This By Valerie

http://mygirl46.tripod.com/valeriesmemorial.index.html/id8.html Poems of Love

http://mygirl46.tripod.com/valeriesmemorial.index.html/id1.html Memories

http://mygirl46.tripod.com/valeriesmemorial.index.html/id10.html For My Little Angels...Footsteps of Angels

http://mygirl46.tripod.com/valeriesmemorial.index.html/id2.html Family Album

http://mygirl46.tripod.com/valeriesmemorial.index.html/id3.html My Family

http://mygirl46.tripod.com/valeriesmemorial.index.html/id4.html Familys Photos

http://mygirl46.tripod.com/valeriesmemorial.index.html/id5.html Family Interest

http://mygirl46.tripod.com/valeriesmemorial.index.html/id6.html Our Children On Loan

http://mygirl46.tripod.com/valeriesmemorial.index.html/id9.html Check This Out

http://mygirl46.tripod.com/valeriesmemorial.index.html/id12.html For My Family

http://mygirl46.tripod.com/valeriesmemorial.index.html/id7.html Contact Me & See Other Sites

http://mygirl46.tripod.com/valeriesmemorial.index.html/id17.html Life After Death

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