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Our Gaurdian Angels


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Letter I found that I wroter to Valerie probably 1998 or 1999

Valerie, Hi!!!!

How are you? How are the kids? I am fine and in school, doing ok.

Roy just joined the Jadwin Fire Department, and got to go on a brush

fire last night. He is like a kid with a new toy, hes got a light and siren, boots and yea you get the point.

Jakes on our crap list, I took the truck and he cut our tire. So hes in town now. He bought a truck, and pays rent. I guess hell be ok. He got layed off at the saw mill, but is now working at the factory.

Jake went to stripe joint last week, but now has nobody to go with, so he asked about Franklin, Your guess is as good as mine. Guess he never thought about going by himself.

How is Frankie doing? Tell him I said HELLO.

Im taking my GED test on 19th at Ft. Leonard Wood, Army Base. I just went to Rolla and did the pre-test and pasted, they said go take it. I passed it by 90%

Tell every one I said HELLO. I talk to you later, take care of yourself.

                                                    Love Mom

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